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Foreign real estate in Europe attracts the people’s attention from all over the world. Villas, townhouses, apartments, commercial real estate (hotels, b & b, restaurants, tourist residence) in many European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Bulgaria, a reliable means of investment. If you have visited our website – so you are interested to buy or rent a property in Italy or Sicily. European real estate market is quite extensive, from the tourist apartment complex in Bulgaria, Montenegro, to new villas and townhouses in Spain. The specific of Italian real estate market is that the country was not captured be a building boom.
Italy had not started the sale real estate at low prices due to the crisis, as in several other European countries. Property values in
some parts of Italy, on the contrary, increased in 2012 (approximetly 5%), in other slightly decreased (about 3%), so we can conclude that the Italian real estate market is stable and reliable. It is difficult to choose and decide what country or region you would like to buy the property when you are living in Russia. There is a lot of questions about the nuances of the law in each country, tax system, the legal rights of the owner and so on. We can help you to understand the Italian property market, find the region and the type of property that is right for you, according to your feels and wishes.
Our real estate agency MiaItalia specializes in selling and renting real estate in Italy and Sicily. We are Italian company working in the property market for 8 years. Our staff speaks foreign languages and provides assistance on any issue: the search of properties in Italy on the basis of their own or at the individual demand from the client, consulting services in the legal and taxation of Italian law, assistance in technical inspection and inventory documents. We have a large base of offers (exclusive and from other agencies) and years of experience in the sale of Italian property for the citizens of the different countries.
Value of real estate in Italy varies by region and city. For example, the price per square meter of residential real estate in Rome start at 3,650 euros, in Milan from 3,275 euros per m2, and in the south of Italy, particularly in Sicily, from 1000 euros per m2 (2013
statistics). In Italy, in contrast to the other European countries, the purchase of real estate or land is simple enough. Foreign buyers
receive the same rights and duties as an Italian citizen.
Our database of real estate includes various types of residential and
commercial properties, and  it is divided by regions of Italy:
– Lombardy. Apartments and studios in Milan.
– Lazio. Apartments in the center of Rome, Villas at the seaside in
Fiumicino, Ostia.
– Tuscany. Florence apartments, villas in Grosseto.
– Villas for sale on Garda Lake, Como, Maggiore.
– Sicily. Villa on the sea in a warm, always sunny Sicily. Hotels on
the beach in Syracuse, Catania and Taormina.
Italy is amazing and diverse country.There is everything for a happy life: the mild Mediterranean climate, mountain landscapes, seascapes, rich cultural and historical heritage, Italian food and wine, good responsive people and, of course, reasonable prices.
The island of Sicily has a unique climate (temperature is not lower than +15 even in winter). In contrast to many other European countries, buying property in Sicily, or just come to relax, you can enjoy the sun and sea all year round. For buyers of real estate in
Sicily we offer additional services: assistance in obtaining a residence permit, property management, business or sell a business in
Sicily and other services.
Contact us and we will help you to buy your dream home.
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